Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One day I was high...

One day, a friend of mine and I where under influence of some illegal stuff, and we decided to make some fun out of it. 
So, we searched for something fun to do on the internet and something appear. Light painting. We thought "Why not? Lets do it!"

Light painting, also known as light draw and light graffiti, is a photographic technique which exposures are made usually at night or in a dark room by moving a handle-held source or by moving the camera.   

My friend used his lamp as a flash ( if he didn't use it I wouldn't appear on the photos)

And this is the result....

Ah! Very important, don't do drugs.

Winners don't use drugs.... 



  1. This... is... beautiful.
    "Hadouuuuken!" I need this drugs :x

  2. waw man how did u done this 8)

  3. Is this a digital camera? (i know some digital cameras can have a slow shutter ), a great effect for gettign awesome pics like these!!! flashlight dick .. D:?

  4. Dont be afraid of drugs :)
    Nice post.

  5. lol, that looks so cool. fuck hugs, take drugs

  6. those are awesome photos dude...that last one is kinda weird though...what is that supposed to be?

  7. hahaha, thats so funny

  8. hehe nice man :D

  9. Those look great! I did a bunch of light art like that once, but it didn't come out quite as well. Nice job, though!