Friday, 28 October 2011

Tom and Jerry.

You all remember the cartoons Tom and Jerry? Yesterday I was doing  some zapping and found a channel that was transmitting that cartoon. In the moment I became nostalgic, and after a few minutes that felling changed. I became furious. Why, you may ask? Well, iI will explain why.

This cartoon has a simple idea, cat chases mouse and mouse always wins. When I was a little boy I thought  the mouse was amazing, but now, as  a grown man, I think he's la little asshole. I feel sorry for Tom. That mouse steals food, mocks and injures Tom, destroys the house...that mouse is what we, nowadays, consider a douche bag.

If you see this cartoon as a grown person you will see I'm right. I really hope that Tom catches Jerry someday. It will make me a happier person.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Hello! Hello! My name is Joel and welcome to my "internet place where I focus my boredness". Well, in this blog you will find a bit of everything, sarcastic texts, random images, music...etc etc etc.

I will come to this place once a week to post something new about, well, something. This is just a brief (really brief I know) resume of what I intend to do in this blog. To finish my presentation I leave you with something awesome that I truly love.

It's Metallica (best band of all time)....all arguments are invalid.